Repair Dome Happy will cost 7.5 million


Until the end of the summer in the Parliament plan to restore the dome of the Verkhovna Rada.

This was announced by chief specialist of the Department of construction Administration lying to Victor Yaremchuk in comments

“It is planned to make repair of a metalwork of a dome, spire, where you need to replace the metal coating. Next you need to do input repair parts – ladder, which is used to maintain the dome. The upper part is now in a terrible state. Will also be replaced with special glass, which is covered with dome,” said Yaremchuk.

According to him, the work will go to about 7.5 million, but the timing on their performance short because I have to catch up to the beginning of the session meetings.

“We have deadlines for the execution of works, namely for the period of vacations of people’s deputies, from 15 July to 24 August,” he added.

In 2013 in the Parliament was scheduled to repair the dome.

Construction of the dome of the BP composed of metal and glass. The diameter of the plafond is 16 meters, the thickness of the glass – at least a centimetre, and the height of the structure reaches almost 10 meters. Over the head of the MPs there is up to fifteen tons of glass and metal.

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