Rat put for 5 years


The court gave five years of real-life accomplice to the murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya Yuriy Krysin.

This “Ukrainian truth” said the lawyer of the mother of journalist Victoria Deineka.


“Prosecutors asked for 6, I asked for 7, maximum this article the sanction, but the court overturned the verdict… and gave real 5 years,” she explained.

Thus, the Kyiv court of Appeal allowed the appeal of the Prosecutor’s office and the affected the verdict of first instance, which gave Krysino 4 years of imprisonment conditionally.

According to Deineka, the motivation of the court was, in particular, that was not sincere repentance Rat.

“The appeal pointed out that his behavior even in the court of Appeal could not see that he sincerely repented,” said the defender, adding that in the previous sentence, the court indicated remorse as a mitigating circumstance.

In addition, Krysin in no way trying to eliminate heavy for Veremiya consequences, as explained by Deineka, also became the basis for the appeal.

“And did not consider (the court of first instance – pack) that is a felony, so probation is not correct”, – the lawyer told.

She said she was pleased with the verdict. Whether her client, the mother of the journalist, the defender does not know yet.

The lawyer Rat Tatiana Gnatiuk in the comments UE announced that it plans to appeal the verdict.

“I will appeal in the statutory period,” said Hnatiuk.

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