Rada voted for new penalties


The Verkhovna Rada intends to authorize the Ministry to impose administrative fines on intermediaries for employment abroad

The adoption of such a bill (No. 6275) based on 229 MPs have voted at necessary 226 votes.

According to the law, changes are proposed to the Code of administrative offences.

Besides, Rada intends to introduce a penalty for failure to comply with the Ministry of social policy on elimination of violations of legislation in the sphere of economic activity on employment abroad in the amount of 1, 7-3,4 thousand UAH (100-200 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens).


Also in case of revealing information on human trafficking can be conducted unscheduled measures of state control of economic entities that are engaged in mediation regarding employment abroad.

At the same time, BP intend to provide that intermediation abroad will relate to information and consulting services.

It is noted that the mediator may charge the customer a fee for the service, until he receives a certified foreign employer a copy of the employment contract.


The bill also stipulates the obligations of the mediator: to provide reliable information about the living conditions, health care and social insurance abroad; cooperate with the Ministry of social policy; to submit to the Ministry information about the number of people employed abroad and their employers.

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