Rada adopted a law on the resumption of lending


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law No. 6027-d to resume lending.

At the meeting on Tuesday, July 3, “for” the initiative voted 239 people’s deputies, reports 112 Ukraina.

It is expected that the document will reduce the risk of creditors in the implementation of credit operations, which should facilitate the access of economic entities and natural persons to make use of Bank loans.

It is also expected that will protect the rights of the creditor-mortgagee, the document will legally protect the institution guarantees.

In addition, banks will be able to get important credit information about the borrower. After the entry into force of the law will render impossible the alienation of the mortgaged property without the consent of the creditor Bank.

Moreover, should decrease the risks of evading credit obligations in the case of inheritance of property of the borrower.

The Parliament adopted this draft law in principle in may 2018 237 votes of people’s deputies.

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