Published performance of the GPU for the arrest Savchenko


In the period from November 2017 to the present time, Nadiya made “a number of grave and especially grave crimes against national security and against public security.”

This is referred to in the submission of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on bringing to criminal responsibility and the detention of the Deputy of Hope Savchenko, published by the Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko in Facebook.

“Nadezhda Savchenko must undergo involuntary psychiatric examination of the adequacy. That is the conclusion I came to after carefully read the submission on the attraction to the criminal responsibility and the detention is still the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko”, – said Gerashchenko document.

“At the end of the study of the documents has decided to vote for the removal of her parliamentary immunity and will not vote for her detention and arrest,” he wrote.

The document States that Savchenko in unknown circumstances met with head of Ukrainian public organization “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban, who, positioning itself as a person involved into the process of exchange of prisoners, regularly visited the occupied territories.

It is emphasized that during these visits, Ruban met and maintained personal relationships with the leaders of the terrorist organization “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko and Alexander Timofeev.

According to the document, Savchenko in an unknown time, but not later than November 20, 2017 colluded with Ruban, Zakharchenko, Timofeyev and other unidentified persons, about committing actions aimed at violent overthrow of constitutional order and the seizure of state power in Ukraine.

The text is the same intent that was in suspicion Ruban:

1) attack from mortars and firearms the buildings of the Parliament, the AP and the houses on the surrounding streets. Using grenades to carry out explosions inside BP and kill public figures present at the meeting.

2) to carry out an armed seizure of the building of BP night, killing law enforcement officers, who guard the building. At the same time, using mortars, grenade launchers, firearms and explosives to launch attacks on housing and vehicle Poroshenko, Arsen Avakov, Oleksandr Turchynov with the aim of killing them and creating chaos and destabilizing the internal situation in the country.

On Savchenko appeared a new name, which was not in the text of the suspicion Ruban – namely Vladimir the Cat.

Indicates that this goal Ruban suggested that the citizens of Ukraine Zakharchenko A. V., G. P. March, Clicking S. V., Cat V., A. V. Shashkin, A. V. Mezentsev and others to participate in the Commission of these crimes. While citizens March, Bream and cat reported this to the police and was brought to the investigative action.

In preparing these crimes, according to the GPU, Savchenko and Ruban from 20 to 23 November, while on the occupied territory of Donetsk region, acquired firearms and ammunition, including 4 120-mm mortar rounds, RPGs, landmines, grenades, heavy machine gun and a rifle. The weapon Savchenko and Ruban Nov 23, moved to the so-called “gray zone” near the station “Mallorcan”.

In addition, the document States that Savchenko and Ruban decided to buy additional weapons. To this end, they March 6 purchased weapons in occupied Gorlovka, which Ruban was arrested March 8 on PPC “Mallorcan”.

Indicated in performance car, which was exported weapons, the weapons are evidence in the case. Among them is also listed mobile phone “Blackberry”, which was discovered during the search on 24 November 2017 Mercedes car, in which the previous Savchenko and Ruban brought weapons from ORDO.

Thus, Savchenko is accused under articles 14, 28, 109, 112 of the criminal code (preparation to commit actions aimed at the violent overthrow of the constitutional system and seizing state power on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, as well as the encroachment on life of the statesman)

The submission also noted that the investigation had collected evidence that Savchenko has a personal relationship with the leaders of terrorist organizations, which met many times during 2017.

As reported by the investigating authorities, the state border service, Savchenko officially crossed the line of demarcation with ORDA in the “out”, although it left out 25 February 2017 through the checkpoint “Kurakhovo”.

“This indicates the real possibility of Savchenko N. In. to illegally cross the line of contact in Donetsk and Luhansk regions outside the control points of entrance-departure”, – the document says.

As justification for the detention Savchenko in custody indicated that she has the ability to destroy, hide or distort evidence in criminal proceedings.

It is also noted that in accordance with the testimony of the witness March, she was ready to blow himself up with a grenade if it tries to hold.

The submission also lead readings Zakharchenkov to discuss Savchenko joint plan with Ruban about “terrorist attack and the attempt on the life of statesmen in Kiev.”

The testimony of Cat concerned of the circumstances “of importation Ruban. 23 Nov weapons via PPC Maori”.

The evidence of the Clicking was related to the circumstances of the test 1 Dec 2017 Nadezhda Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban on the ground of the military unit А0553 in Khmelnytskyi weapons, which they brought from ORDO”. His testimony related to “the circumstances of the overthrow of the constitutional order”.



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