Poroshenko met with the participants of the team “Invictus Games”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated the participants of the “Games of the unconquered” with the upcoming holiday and said that they sample for the thousands of soldiers and millions of Ukrainians. This is the official page of the President in Facebook.

“Glad to meet on the eve of Passover with members of the National team “Invictus Games” and participants of the Marathon USMC 2018.

Our unconquered warriors begin in Ukraine, a new tradition among veterans. You become the model for thousands of soldiers and millions of Ukrainians”, – said the President.

Recall the unconquered Games is an international sporting events in the Paralympic-style. The games, founded by Prince Harry, the wounded servicemen involved in such sports as wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and rowing in the gym. “Invictus” in Latin means “invincible”, “invincible” or “unconquered”. The first Game of the unconquered took place in 2014 in the Olympic Park Queen Elizabeth in London.

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