Poroshenko has created a new position in the Prosecutor’s office


President Petro Poroshenko has introduced the position of liaison Prosecutor to Eurojust to improve cooperation between Ukraine and the European organization for justice.

This is stated in the decree №128 from 17 may.


“The Prosecutor’s liaison to Eurojust is the post of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General, which is sent to the adviser of Embassy of Ukraine in the foreign state at the location of Eurojust to ensure cooperation in the framework of the cooperation agreement between Ukraine and the European organization for justice”, – stated in the decree.

The new Prosecutor will be to ensure the exchange of information between Ukraine and Eurojust, and to process the relevant documents.

He also will have to communicate with representatives of Eurojust to participate in events and coordinate cooperation of Ukrainian law enforcement authorities with foreign counterparts.

The decree Poroshenko came into force from may 17.

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