Poroshenko fired Vovk as head of the national Commission on tariffs


President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on dismissal of Dmytro Vovk from the post of Chairman of the national Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities.

This is the official website of the President.

“To dismiss Dmitry Vovk Chairman of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of energy and communal services”, – stated in the decree No. 148/2018 on the official website of the President.

Vovk was appointed acting Chairman of the national Commission at the end of December 2014. From June 2015 it entered into the powers of the head of the regulator.

Prior to this position he had no experience in the energy sector.

In 2009-2013 he worked in the investment company ICU, which advised of the agreement business of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

From March 2013 to December 2014, wolf worked in Moscow in the Corporation Roshen, which belongs to the President.

During the term the wolf was adopted by the infamous formula “Rotterdam+”, which, according to experts, generates excess profits for thermal power generation, in particular, DTEK Rinat Akhmetov.

Today, the introduction of the “Rotterdam+” is under investigation by the NAB.

Also, the Commission under the leadership of wolf, implemented a plan to increase electricity tariffs for the population, and also increased tariffs for the industry that made it impossible to overcome cross-subsidization in the electricity market.

During the leadership of wolf, the national Commission tried to introduce a monthly fee for gas, and also decided on the introduction of incentive tariff for oblenergos, which establishes the rate of return on old and new assets at the rate of 12.5%.

The national Commission responsible for state regulation of activity of subjects of natural monopolies in the electricity, heat supply, oil and gas sector, centralized water supply and drainage, recycling and disposal of waste as well as ensures the implementation of price and tariff policy in these spheres.

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