Plahtiy: We are the first in the market has made mobile app ticket



Maxim Plahtiy: the creation of a business – it’s always great work. The first thing to get used to the risks, especially with our socio-political instability, and secondly – very important not to lose enthusiasm and faith in the matter when faced with lots of difficulties. It was the 2010-th year. I came into the business ticket by chance, had previously worked in the IT field. It began with the fact that we are one of the major ticket operators commissioned the development of an automated system for the sale of tickets to entertainment events on the basis of our software complex FrontManager, and later we got this company for the debts. In that moment, when I got to the market of electronic tickets. That is, the infrastructure required to order a ticket online, pay by card, to mail and to get into the hall for the concert of such a service in Ukraine does not exist. Moreover, the counting of the tickets was by hand, “roots“ (the detachable part of the ticket). We have undertaken to build such infrastructure and now the sellers of tickets, rooms, and event organizers are unified ticketing field. To introduce e-ticket at the state level became possible when the country started to prepare for Euro 2012. Then state the matter attended – decided to create an opportunity to sell electronic tickets to guests of Ukraine could buy tickets online. We won the competition, which was held by Ministry of culture. Won themselves at the expense of product quality. By the way, our company is certified according to ISO 9001 quality standards. It helped to convince his own to prove to the public theatres that the electronic ticket is simple and convenient. In the commercial sector we have been easier, although, of course, was the organizers who were afraid of change. As a result, 4 years of serious effort, we did an e-ticket to the concert a regular part of life. We now have another challenge – we are the first in the market has made mobile application for selling concert tickets and offer the market a mobile ticket. It is even more convenient feature – the ticket no need to print, it is enough to show from a smartphone screen at the entrance to the event. In fact, we have approached a new stage in the ticketing business.

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