Plahtiy I Want to convey to politicians that IT could become the locomotive of the Ukrainian economy


Until last year, even in the IT environment, few knew the founder of the ticketing Agency Karabas

Maxim Plakhtii. But the company first developed and introduced electronic concert tickets in Ukraine. And with the beginning of the Euromaidan Maxim became the coordinator of the IT-tent, in the revolution played a significant role.


With rare exceptions, all of the information and communication components worked properly for three months of Euromaidan. Banking infrastructure is also worked almost flawlessly. After such attacks, which hit Privat24, the overseas service was restored to a week. All this indicates a high level of skills of Ukrainian IT-schnick and their qualitative development.

Would take place a revolution without Facebook? Without the Internet? Mobile communications? IT-schnick was able to prevent the shutdown of the Internet. Sysadmin, which is almost teeth kept the router, to ensure the independence of the Internet — also a hero of the revolution. All this means that the IT industry we work seriously and professionally n the right people at the right places.

February 20 “Golden eagle” burned IT-tent. Burned just the tent itself, the equipment was evacuated in advance. Subsequently, we resuscitated: “IT-namet 2.0” continues to help the Maidan while in KCSA. IT is the field coordinators, the revolutionary IT projects — in particular,

. A developments the it world has used and is using in its activities the Automaidan.

IT community in the post-revolutionary events

When the active phase of Maidan was over, we created “IT-spilnota”. This Alliance several tasks.

First, we want to ensure that appointments to all key posts that relate to the information and communications field, or otherwise consistent with the relevant public organizations. If we are ignored – we will respond adequately.

Second, we want to implement a tool of direct democracy. For this you need to assemble a team, conduct funding, to bring politicians of the obligation. We as an IT community is ready to take on the implementation of this tool at a quite good level and give it to the state. But will it? Want was officially declared that Ukraine takes the vector of direct democracy.

About IT-spilnota

The main achievement is the development of a consolidated project from the IT industry “Innovation Ukraine”. IT-shnik do everything quickly and systematically. The main asset of the community: Eugene lang, Andrey Kolodyuk, Yevgen Sysoyev, Vlad Voskresensky, Ilya, Konigstein, I also try to be active. Now hold meetings and discussions involved partners and associates from related industries and policy. The main task is to communicate to politicians their vision for the development of the industry. After all, we do know that IT can become the engine of the national economy.

We already have certain results of the meetings with the Minister of economy Pavel Sheremeta, who openly declared about support of our project. Also met with Yulia Tymoshenko — she is an experienced politician and good ideas he sees. She indicated their interest in using the intellectual potential of the Ukrainian IT-schnick, primarily in the creation of e-government. We’d like to see this project become a national idea. And if not war, then it would have been even faster.

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