Owner of a chain of restaurants Mikhail BEILIN about trends in the restaurant business at the market of Ukraine

Mikhail Beilin told about what is happening in the restaurant business in the Ukrainian market and what will be in trend soon. Despite the crisis in Ukraine now offers a lot of new restaurants and existing ones are gradually changing and moderniziriruyutsya. No matter how different in concept and spirit of these new places, something still easy to find. Ukraine finally came to restaurant trends, is not the first characteristic of European and American institutions.
So, what are the trends show a modern approach to the restaurant business? Many trends that appeared in the 2016-2017 year, continue to gain momentum in the new, 2018.
In Ukraine presented to: QSR, Pop Up (fashion trend), Fast Casual (a well-respected brand, they moderniziriruyutsya, form a new category); appeared Egersund (Egersund). Mikhail Beilin sure they sale the sushi more than the fish. And this is a new business model. Formally it is a supermarket of Norwegian seafood. They sell additional services – selling a product. Included in the box restaurants and start trading.
Good Wine (Goodwin) will turn into one big restaurant. Soon everything will become a restaurant. And this, says Mikhail Beilin, fine.
Cooking also became a restaurant and competes along with other similar institutions. This segment will develop. Unfortunately, in Ukraine the problem is the consumer – he has no money, and the products are really high quality (example: “McDonalds” in Ukraine).
Now fashion trend – a POP UP (Pop up). In Kiev there are proletarii, “matzah and oysters”, a product called “shrimp”… Appear niche. Intellectuals strongly encourages their development. Mikhail Beilin believes that POP UP, but this is the most difficult segment of the market.
“It’s a pretty unsustainable business model, he said. – It will be exposed to many risks. What to do with it? We came up with a way to survive the 5 steps to be more successful: the use of low-calorie food; local foods; vegetarian; less ingredients (use monoproduct).

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