Over the summer, from corrupt officials confiscated 700 UAH for “helicopters Avakov”

“As 31.08.2018 the Ministry of internal Affairs at the expense of the confiscated assets and funds derived from the sale of property confiscated by the court for corruption and related corruption offences by the specified budget program allocations openly in the sum of 9,8 thousand hryvnia,” – said in a letter to the Treasury.


In this case, before the end of the year for the purchase of helicopters for the interior Ministry from corrupt officials plan to confiscate 700 million hryvnia.

As you know the government has found an alternative source of payment for aviation security. On the website of the Cabinet reported that on 29 may in Paris between the Governments of Ukraine and France signed an Agreement with a total cost of 552 million euros according to the official support in the creation of a unified system of aviation security and protection. Under the Agreement, the French side in two stages will put to Ukraine first 37 helicopters Airbus, and then another 18 helicopters. Of them, 21 helicopter model Н225 – helicopters that have a capacity of more than 10 tons.


Arsen Avakov said that the budget of the Ministry of interior laid the amount of one billion UAH to upgrade the helicopter fleet, but the French side also provided favorable financial terms, including a loan under the intergovernmental agreement, under 1% per annum.

It was reported that almost half of the “helicopters Avakov” will be purchased used.

2021 for maintenance of the helicopter fleet of the Ministry of interior requests to allocate an additional 600 million hryvnia.

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