Opened a new hunting speculators on the property of the Ukrainians


Residents of the Ukrainian capital and attacked new cynical Scam.

In particular, in Kiev, a wave of creation of fake condominiums. The scammers are using their fraud, take full control over the house and all utility bills.

Lawyers emphasize, a chance to save your home from crooks is, however, you must act quickly.

The head of the Association of HBC and ajoah Kiev Konstantin Kirichuk said that only last week in the capital to bypass the law under the Ministry of Hoo Scam has brought more than a dozen homes.

Thus, according to him, often accomplices of the scammers are people who live and are the owners of the apartments “trapped” at home. In the city hall note that also know about the problem.

“We are aware of 16 such cases. The police are already engaged in this issue. Linden enterprises registers a certain firm in Irpen,” said the Department of housing KSCA.

The main danger that lies in feykovye OSBB – the maintenance of the building space, trumped-up rates. In addition, the lime, the Chairman may sell the property of the house (attics and basements) and disappear with the money.

“Chairman” of such enterprises may sign a contract for services to collect under this agreement the money of residents, to remove them from the account and disappear,” — says the lawyer.

Residents of the affected homes lawyers first of all I advise you to take control of the newly created condominiums and to hold elections for a new, legitimate government. And in order to return the premises, you will need to contact the state Registrar, to take an extract from the registration of the case, to collect signatures of tenants and real contact with this package in the Prosecutor’s office and the police.

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