Onishchenko has debunked the myth about his family situation


Fluent Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Onishchenko, who has already a long time living outside the country, stunned recognition on his family situation

He told about it during communication with journalists.

Specify that in 2017, the year the famous Ukrainian gymnast Anna Rizatdinova gave birth to 49-year-old oligarch’s child. Later, she reported that married him.

But now the truth surfaced about the marital status of the oligarch.

“Today was surprised to read about himself on Wikipedia that I’m a married man and was very surprised. It is not, officially I haven’t painted. Can show a passport”, — he said.

As a reminder, Anna Rizatdinova, the famous Ukrainian gymnast and Olympic medalist, revealed to fans of her son. The sportswoman has shared on his page in Instagram pictures of a young son whose father is Alexander Onishchenko, the people’s Deputy, the fugitive. 12 may rizatdinova the baby turned six months.

Gymnast symbolically dressed him in a sports uniform with the number 12 and the words “Roman” on the back. In the description of the image Anna said that the boy was 6 months.

Earlier Anna Rizatdinova told about how they met Alexander Onishchenko, the future father of her child. According to the athlete, initially she was not interested in any of your relationships, but meeting people’s Deputy, felt that it was not just the familiarity or love.

Also, the gymnast shared that the MP won her respect, not expensive gifts.

Anna Rizatdinova’s interview with Katya Osadchaya in “Swfsc life”. The girl confessed that her relationship with MP was developed very quickly, but according to the generally accepted “rules”. The couple managed to get married and then to have a baby. On the question of the presenter about whether the couple wedding in Spain, Anna did not answer.

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