On vacation with “tails”: the adoption of any laws frightened MPs


For that deputies of the Verkhovna Rada did not have time to vote before “Cancelada”

Ten reform laws adopted MPs in the last eighth session of the Verkhovna Rada. In particular, the privatization of state property, national security, liberalization of the foreign exchange market. Most importantly, of course, – the law on Higher anti-corruption court. But still, the parliamentary vacation, the choices left with the “tails”.

MPs did not vote for electoral reform.

The bill proposes to change the old electoral system, created under Viktor Yanukovych. Namely, to abolish the majority system, replacing it with open lists and regional constituencies. That is, every Ukrainian, voting separately for each candidate can form a party list.

Failed MPs to agree on updating of the Central election Commission. A 13-year member expired tenure four years ago. Besides, the CEC head Mikhail Okhendovsky has opened a criminal case.

Presentation of new candidates the President has made in the beginning of the year. But during the voting the signal can’t get along even a fraction of the coalition – the PPO and “popular front”.

And even the people’s deputies decided not to remove parliamentary immunity. At the previous session they introduced a bill on the agenda. And sent to the constitutional court. And in June received an opinion – the draft law does not contradict the Constitution. But in the appropriate Committee at the last moment decided to postpone its consideration on Sept.

Also Glad didn’t allow the NAB to engage in self-tapping during the investigations. The bill is simply not put into consideration. Now the main anti-corruption body the country needs to ask permission from the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office or the security Service of Ukraine.

All these unresolved issues the MPs have postponed the beginning of the next session, which will begin in September.

We will remind, Ukrainians today have achieved two important victories in the protection of their rights. About this on his page in Facebook wrote Sergey Shakhov, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, political party “Our edge”.

“Today we have a double victory!” — the politician wrote.

First of all, managed to resolve the issue of arrears of wages of miners.

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