Omelyan was caught in a lie about childbirth


The explanations of the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan about the birth of his wife in the United States cause many issues.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote blogger Sergei Zaporozhye.

He noted that Omeljan called the birth of his daughter in the United States “coincidence”, but three years and ten months ago he States also “accidentally” had a son.

“Omeljan reported that children of registered citizens of Ukraine in the Ukrainian Consulate. And it does take them an American citizen by birth? About Omeljan haven’t written a word. But he is confident that in 10-20 years the “scoop die and the question of citizenship is not decisive”. Totally agree with him. But now the time, when officials, especially the highest level, it requires exceptional faith in their country,” writes Zaporizhia.

He believes that the Omelyan had prepared his children to “alternate aerodrome”. According to the blogger, Omeljan does not understand what the ethics of a European official. Zaporizhia said that he is very funny looking words Omelyana that “he had many opportunities to stay in the West, but returned to Ukraine”.

“But if you look at his career, it is not clear why he had to stay in the West, when he in Ukraine, the suit went from 22 years. I do not give estimates of the Omelyan, as a person and professional. There, perhaps, everything is fine. But two children Omelyana after independence were born in the United States. So he believes in the future of Ukraine”, — he concluded.


We will remind, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan for the first time commented that his wife gave birth to a child in the United States.

The official tried to justify this situation on his page on Facebook.

According to the Omelyan, he and his wife had not planned to give birth in the US, the wife was allegedly on the account in one of the Kyiv hospitals.

The Minister claims that in February his wife for his own money and flew to new York to participate in fashion week where she presented her brand.

Omeljan writes that during the show, wife got sick, then the doctors forbade her to return the plane home, because there was a threat for the baby. The Minister says that his family didn’t pay for the birth at the American hospital.

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