Nye was troubled by the court’s decision on house arrest for offenders


MP Mustafa Nayem shocked by the decision of the court concerning the measure of restraint for those who beat him.

About this he wrote in Facebook.

In his opinion, the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest – are inadequate.

“First, one of the participants in the offense already has absconded and is a good reason to monitor the movement of other suspects”, – Nayem wrote.

He added that the two parties are not even obliged to wear electronic bracelets and house arrest prescribed only at night time from 23 to 6 am.

“The day they are quite free to roam, and I do not quite understand how the investigation will be to monitor the implementation of this measure of restraint”, – said the Deputy.

He noted that it is not clear why the same defendants in the same case, chose different measure, given that the extent of their participation in the offence has not been established.

Although prosecutors and investigators required for all three members of detention.

“Plus, I have a question, why, in principle, prosecutors split the defendants between themselves in this way. The Prosecutor at the first suspect was frankly stronger and knew the materials of the case; the second, representing the charge for the two remaining defendants, poorly focused in the materials of the case,” Nye protested.

“The result is appropriate: one attacker with round-the-clock house arrest and a bracelet, the other two – without a bracelet and in “detention” will only be on during sleep”, – he stated.

The MP added that it is unclear what the court reasoned its decision as the full text of the decision yet.

However, according to him, the prosecutors are preparing an appeal for all the three determine that they have five days.

“Procedural manual case performed by Prosecutor’s office of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev. The level of training of Prosecutor senior group surprises me. The court until the last moment was in doubt, because the Prosecutor’s office could not find the diploma of interpreter in the Russian language” – said Nayem.

Over the course of the investigation, according to people’s Deputy three detainees refuse to testify, the fourth escaped and is wanted.

“Yesterday the court has granted permission for its detention, and it is already preparing a request for international legal assistance. The Prosecutor’s office promised to do it in the shortest possible time. I have no information if he knows the result where it is, so I can’t make any assumptions about his extradition to Ukraine”, – he said.

Nye also noted that can’t tell us anything about the fifth member of the attack, because it is the investigators don’t have any information.

“If each(!) ohamevshie and narwana driver a couple of days held in the detention center, was sent under house arrest with a view to obtain a conviction, such insanity and such humiliation in our cities would be less,” he concluded.

He asked not to speculate on the outcome of the investigation and the status of the Deputy, because, according to him, it is necessary to create “new norms, rules and role models, to not have to live in the world “members”, “major” and “bulls”, who can do anything and mobiles, which have all to swallow.”

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