New electricity tariffs in Ukraine

The procedure for implementing this solution may take some time. This was stated by the head of the energy regulator Oksana Krivenko.

As says the head NKREKU Oksana Krivenko, now is the time to bring in compliance with normative legal acts gosregulyatora in order to meet the requirements of the law “On electricity market”. At the meeting, which is scheduled for August 23, is likely to be canceled by the formula formation of prices for coal “Rotterdam +”.

“Completion of one regulatory act requires three months. Also do not forget about the timing of its implementation. We currently do not have a lot of time to develop new documents and debate on them — it is about six months. Does it make sense to develop new solutions for six months, if in a few months it will not be relevant,” — says the head NKREKU Krivenko.

Krivenko also believe that the formula “Rotterdam+” today is an objective and recognized international experts.

“If the whole talk about the current formula pricing, I’m pretty sure that it is the market and is fully compliant with existing regulations. The indicative formation of the components now used in various fields, including in the formation of prices of oil on domestic markets. Similarly formed and today the price of gas. In addition, this method is used in the formation of tariffs for uranium fuel, which we use to generate the electricity rates for the enterprise Energoatom. In all these cases the principle of import parity. Authoritative international experts announced their findings about this formula, which will be soon released” — summed up the Chairman of the energy regulator.

According to the head NKREKU Oksana Krivenko, in General, the tariffs for non-domestic consumers will increase by 0.5-1%.


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