NBU reported on suspicious transactions in banks 20


The national Bank as of April 1, sent to law enforcement agencies 18 letters with information about suspicious financial transactions of customers of 21 banks for a total amount of more than 16.3 billion, 80.5 million dollars, 7.7 million euros.

This was reported by the Bank press service.

In addition, during the first quarter, the NBU has sent four reports of suspicious financial transactions in the National anti-corruption Bureau.

According to the results of currency control in the first quarter, the NBU reported to law enforcement authorities on large-scale transactions of customers of five banks for a total amount of more than 34.5 million dollars.

Basically, this information concerned the conduct of operations, the nature or the consequences of which suggests that they may be associated with withdrawal of capital, legalization of criminal revenues by converting Bank deposits into cash, the implementation of fictitious entrepreneurship, tax evasion.

In addition, for the first quarter banks have provided the State financial monitoring service information on over 2 million financial transactions, 22.7% more than in the same period of 2017.

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