NBU: hryvnia exchange Rate will be calculated anew


National Bank has revised the method of calculating the official exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar. About it reports a press-service of the NBU.

Henceforth, the rate will be calculated on the basis of information about all the transactions on purchase-sale of dollars on terms of “TOD”, “Tom” and “spot” which in the day of account was banks on the interbank market with other banks and with the NBU and the NBU received before 15:30 of the respective working day.

“First available number of agreements are truncated to the agreement, a course which deviates from the arithmetic mean for all transactions more than 2%. Then cut off agreement, the rate/volume of which deviates from the arithmetic mean of the rate/volume of more than 2 standard deviation” – says the NBU.

The calculation rate will be the weighted average for all transactions that remain after clipping.

The official rate of the national Bank will publish on the website before 16:00, i.e. two hours earlier than it is now.

In addition to the official rate of hryvnia to the dollar, the Bank will also carry out a daily calculation of the reference rate of the hryvnia to the dollar. It will be calculated by the same method, but on the basis of transactions concluded on the interbank market by 12:00.

Reference rate the Bank will publish on the site until 12:30.

Still, the official exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar was calculated as a weighted average for all the above inter-Bank transactions for the day according to the system of confirmation of agreements on the interbank market, that is, without clipping unrepresentative agreements.

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