NBU has announced the updated release notes 20 hryvnia


National Bank is preparing to launch in the cash turnover of Ukraine 20 hryvnia banknote of the new sample.

On Monday, July 16, according to UBR.

“Tomorrow, July 17, the controller will present it to journalists at 11:00, and has sent out respective invitation. New money is kept in secret. The NBU even refused to say whether there will be on the banknote portrait of the famous writer and scholar Ivan Franko,” the statement reads.

The publication notes that, most likely, the face of the Ukrainian twenties will not change. At the invitation of the national Bank it is only an “updated design and improved system of protection” of 20 hryvnia of 2018.

As noted previously, attempts were made to change the design of bills: to the 160th anniversary of the writer they were issued a commemorative twenty-hryvnia. They printed a million pieces and sold to people in territorial directorates of the national Bank for 27 USD and 31 USD (in gift envelopes – more expensive).

Recall, the NBU several years ago expressed readiness to modernize a cash turnover and improve protection of Ukrainian money. Two bills have already been reissued in a new design. It’s 100 and 500 hryvnia, which was launched in the monetary circulation in March 2015 and April 2016 respectively.

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