Nayem case leads Prosecutor “with the past”


One of the prosecutors of the Kyiv local Prosecutor’s office No. 10, which is the case of the people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem, is Daur the R Agrba, which can be close to the family business Saitovich, and the Prosecutor in the case is scandalous participant of road accident in Kiev, Dmitry Bicas.

According to open sources, Rafik said, he is one of the founders of OOO “Company assets “Effective investment”. The company is a beneficiary OOO “the Relaxation company”, the founder of which in turn, Magomed-Amin Saitov.

“Effective investments” was at the same address that the SBI “Diaspora of the Chechen people” and the company founded by Saitova – street, 27-T.

However, Dmitry Bicas is known that in 2010 at the age of 18, while driving a Porsche Cayenne was the culprit in Kiev, injuring the woman driver of the second car participating in road accident.

According to the Declaration of Dmitry Picasa, he owns only the land in the village of Boryspil district Opener on 34 thousand square meters, and uses the apartment in Kiev on 144,4 sq, which is owned by Vladislav Bicas.

Dmitry Bicas is the son of Vladislav Bycase head Boryspil district Council, although the declarations of both kinship is not mentioned. Between 2007 and 2010 Bicas Sr. was the assistant to the Deputy from BYUT Sergey Mishchenko, in 2010-2014 he headed Boryspil district Council, was head of Boryspil district organization “Party of regions”.

At the end of February 2014, he resigned from the post of head of the regional Council, however, the results of the local elections in 2015 was re-elected to this position from “BPP”.

According to the Public cadastral map in 2016 at Vladislav Bycase and his next of kin was registered on 26 hectares of land, 43 hectares belongs to them on rights of use. Also Baucham associated with a number of other companies, including OOO “Avto-Ukraine”, PJSC “Euronithopoda”, “Pine manor-5”, etc.

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