NAPC dorkenoo officials for premiumone cousin I sterowana Cena


Nazionale Agency of pitane sapana corupt sent to the court has 6 protocols about adminstration pravoporyadka schodo sapana reguluvannya conflct interest.

Protocol, and scladina stosovno eks-the chief of Derzhavno Cologne NSPCC Zhitomirsky region Hnatiuk Bohdan josipović, the Director of the International science-educational centre informacini technologies that systems NAN TA MES Volodymyr Gritsenko Llca, powders NAPC.

Hnatiuk Yak group of territorial authority Derganc Papisov 2 nakazi about premiumone prank NSPCC, in particular I dourgne his brother.

Posedovati not podomys Derganc about superest mizh private interesom that sluzbeni povnovazhennya.

Gritsenko and not podomys authorities management, to yakih spherical nalezyty Navalny center, about conflct interest when papasan the mandate schodo prodovzhennja svoa Cena, the oldest science spivrobitnyky tsogo centre line of starovinna in American compan Wellington Company.

NAPC nagada scho for St..172-7 Code about adminstration pravoporyadka nepovtorima about conflct interest tagne behind him a fine from 100 to 200 neopolitana minimum dohodiv gromadyan, and vcinema di Chi prenetta rchen in umovah such conflct – a fine from 200 to 400 neopolitana minimum dohodiv gromadyan.

“Skladany Protocol I. transmission of yoga to the court this means the recognition individuals have ucinen pravoporyadka wine, and ye pastaway for propaganda have sprav about adminstrative pravoporyadka from ship order”, nagaosa Agency.

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