NABU shed light on “amber case” of Rosenblat and Polyakova


The investigation against MPs Borislav Rosenblatt and Maxim Polyakov claims that they had not signed the bills that appear in suspicion, but knew about their introduction.

This was reported to the NEB in response to the request.

We are talking about the draft laws №5436 and # 5437, which involve changes to the Tax and Customs codes, and for lobbying which, according to investigators, deputies received illegal benefits.

“A handwriting examination of the received documents established that the individual signing on behalf of the specified in the request of people’s deputies of Ukraine, which are contained in them, is made not by MPs but by other persons”, – have concluded in Department.

At the same time, the investigation claims that deputies knew about the introduction to Parliament of bills on their behalf.

In addition, the NEB notes that Rosenblatt and Poles “personally committed a number of actions aimed at ensuring their review and consideration.”

“These circumstances are confirmed by sufficient relevant and admissible evidence collected in the criminal proceedings, which give reasonable grounds for suspicion, and later charged with committing crimes”, – stressed in NABOO.

In addition it was said that detectives seized the drafts of laws, writing, performance, comparative tables, explanatory notes, etc.

Earlier, Rosenblatt and his lawyer was informed that according to results of examination, the bills registered in the Parliament, signed by MPs Rosenblatt and Polyakov included in the case against them is rigged.

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