NABOO opened a case against MP from the opposition bloc


National anti-corruption Bureau conducted pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings about a possible Declaration of false information people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul.

This is evidenced by the decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv, writes a Word of the Matter on Tuesday, June 19.

In particular, the NEB found that the MP in 2015-2016 enjoyed dwelling house with an area of almost 379 sq m and two plots of land in Kozin, Kiev region, owned by his mother-in-law Maria Kondratjuk. Stated that the property in December 2006 after the purchase was transferred to the mortgage Alfa-Bank in the amount of 900 thousand dollars. It is noted that Kondratyuk was not in Kozyn.

Besides Kondratiuk receives income from OOO Metinvest holding is the founder of Krivoy Rog, OOO Redaktsiya gazety heart rate news, facts, comments. That is, the nature of the work and way of life does not indicate its actual residence in the house.

Thus the people’s Deputy in the declarations for 2015-2016 pointed out real estate in the river and Krivoy Rog. In Kiev, he declared the only use of the room area of 25.8 sq. m. at the hotel national.

Detectives believe Vilkul could live in the house in Kozin and not declare it. In this regard, the NAB asked the court to grant access to the documents of Alfa Bank, namely to the above mentioned mortgage agreement and related documents. The court granted the petition.

It is also noted that in return for the 2017 Vilkul disappeared a number of real estate and the capital appeared the mother-in-law apartment, which he rents.

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