NABOO: Normal appeal will allow you to avoid top officials punishment


The National anti-corruption Bureau said, which requires a revision of the law according to which the Higher anti-corruption court will not consider appeals against the sentences imposed by the courts of first instance up to the moment of its creation.

About it reports a press-service of NABOO.

It is noted that currently stipulates that appeals against decisions of courts of first instance for cases transferred to NAB and the ARS until a Higher anti-corruption court will not be challenged in the court of Appeal and the appellate courts of General jurisdiction.

“This provision effectively deprives the prosecution and protection of the right of review of sentences independent judicial authority in the proceedings, which were investigated NABOO for the last three years, and will in the future be transferred to the courts of General jurisdiction, while the anti-corruption court will not begin its work”, – stated in the message.

“This means that most of the top officials in respect of which the NEB has completed its investigation, unable to avoid just punishment,” said the Bureau.

In a press-service of the Ministry said that the conviction of the leadership of the national Bureau, of the norm a few years of hard work of detectives and prosecutors NAB the SAP can be neutralized due to the fact that a large number of productions by top officials will remain completely outside the jurisdiction of the anti-corruption court.

They added that appeals against the judgements of NABOO and the ARS issued by courts of General jurisdiction, should be considered in the Appeals chamber of the Higher anti-corruption court, since only in this case, the company and international partners will have the confidence to final decisions, whatever they may be.

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