NABOO and the GPU was bugging the Cabinet of Holodnitsky


The NAB and the Prosecutor General’s office a few weeks listened to the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky.

This is stated in the publication “Spy game, or “Bugs” in the office of Holodnitsky”.

A few weeks in the office of Holodnitsky worked hidden recording equipment, which was attached to a large aquarium at the table of the Prosecutor.

How did you find pack, more than a month ago, the detectives NAB applied to the GPU with a request to open the proceedings on the anti-corruption Prosecutor nazara Golodnitsky, and the attorney General gave consent.

What the article opened the proceedings taken and the court sanction on listening, still could not figure out.

However, from the interlocutors in the GPU to “the Ukrainian truth” became known that the procedural guidance therein is performed by Vladimir Gutsulyak.

Huculak called leader of the so-called “Department Kononenko-Granovsky”, which in the GPU supposedly handles all sensitive to power issues.

It is in this Department under the leadership of Gutsulyak worked a controversial former Prosecutor Dmitry SUS, which in the summer of 2016 lit up in the scandal between the GPU and NABOO.

In the midst of conflict, investigative team, headed by him came to searches of NABOO, and the supervision by the investigator led to physical clash between workers of the two power structures.

It is for the approval of the head of this “Department” in the Cabinet of Holodnitsky NABOO installed “bugs”.

“The case is really ours. Leads him Gutsulyak. But the wire Nabesna”, – told a source in GPU.

Unofficial sources in law enforcement bodies pack it became known that the “bugs” in the office of the head of SAP has been at least a few weeks.

However, as the company said up, nothing criminal was not documented.

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