MPs tough fight on TV


The MP Sergey Melnichuk and Deputy from the Radical party Dmitry Linko started a brawl after a show at one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

The reason for the conflict was the exception Melnychuk from the faction.

Still live the deputies began to exchange claims.

After the program in the course went fists. As a result of fighting Melnychuk broke the nose of molting. The latter noted that the police report would not write, but the nose is likely broken.

“Among the MPs who never voted for mosaic: Dmitry Yarosh, Evgeny Bakulin, Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky (announced resignation), and also members of the fugitives Alexander Onishchenko and Sergey Klyuev”, — stated in the message. Only 90% of voting in the Parliament missed the MP 51.


At the same time, activists have called the names of the deputies who for a month had voted only a few times.

“So, once per month clicked Dmitry Dobkin; three times – Denis Omelyanovich; six times – Konstantin Zhevago; 8 times – Mikhail Dobkin and Hope Savchenko”, — specified in the message.

Moreover, the list of the least active MPs got Eugene Moore, Oles Dovgy and Serhiy Kivalov, they participated in a 3% vote of 399. They are followed by Michael Poplawski (6%), Vadim Rabinovich (6%), Natalie king (8%) and semen Semenchenko (9%).

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