MPs said the “intrigue” around changes to the law on GBR


MP Mustafa Nayem said about the intrigue among the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on the adoption of the government bill, which proposes to amend the law on the State Bureau of investigation.

About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Now Parliament is unfolding some strange intrigue surrounding the amendments to the law on GBR. Tomorrow on the agenda are two bills, one of whom is our Deputy; the second is from the Cabinet”, – Nayem wrote.

“Our was was at the end of December last year, government – just a few weeks ago, in violation of the regulations and falsification of documents. Our bill for all indicators and criteria covers a wider range of questions, supported by experts, it was unanimously voted by the relevant Committee and its qualitative benefits publicly acknowledged personally by the head of the RRG,” – said the MP.

He added that he has now started “unhealthy” intrigue.

According to him, the Cabinet is trying to “break the Parliament through the knee, blackmailing MPs”, threatening that individual factions will not give their votes if the room will not support a government project.

Nye added that it is the laws No. 7450 No. 6430.

The first document filed by the people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem, Elena Sotnik, Leonid Emsam, Yury Derevyanko, Sergey Leshchenko and Vladimir Dobrodomova.

They are encouraged to define the powers of the State Bureau of investigation in the investigation of suspects of crimes, where the subjects of the crime are the Head of the National Agency for prevention of corruption, his deputies and members, the Chairman of the qualification and disciplinary Commission of public prosecutors and his deputies and members, judges of the constitutional Court and others.

In addition, the project proposes to provide the units of the RRT the right to conduct operatively-search activity. In particular, to expand an existing list of units of the RRT and provide the right to withdraw the information from transport telecommunication networks.

It is also proposed to provide powers to bring to disciplinary responsibility of employees of the office of the Director of the State Bureau of investigation.

In addition, the document aims to transfer authority for the selection of Directors of territorial bodies, chiefs of departments of Central office, heads and staff of departments of internal control of the Central apparatus and territorial bodies of the State Bureau of investigation and other personally Director of the RRG.

In this project it is proposed to delete the provision on recommendations to Cabinet to establish the RRG due to staffing investigative units of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the relevant units of the National police and other state authorities and so on.

In turn, in government bill No. 6430 is being proposed as a condition that RRT started its operations in part to carry out the functions of pre-trial investigation and operational investigative activities, namely, since the establishment of the investigative and operational units of not less than 50 percent.

According to the draft Law of normative legal acts of the RRG will be subject to state registration; the order of service persons of ordinary and commanding structure of the State Bureau of investigation will be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; persons of ordinary and commanding structure of the RRG will be distributed Disciplinary regulations of the National police of Ukraine taking into account peculiarities specified by the Law.

Also, the bill specifies the types of special ranks of the RRG, provides the basis for the involvement of RRG employee to disciplinary action, determined by the text of the oath of persons of ordinary and commanding structure of the RRG.

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