MPs received for 3.5 days in January to record salary


Despite the large number of holidays in January, the MPs received a very high salary.

On the first month of the year has a lot of holidays and weekends. In January, people are less work, so their revenues are down compared to other months. But for the people’s representatives, the situation looks different.

In January, the administration of Affairs of Verkhovna Rada’s deputies transferred to 14,4 million UAH. On average, each Ukrainian parliamentarian received 35 240 UAH.

It is noteworthy that in January, the deputies worked only 3.5 days, when there was held the plenary session. The rest of the time they devoted to abstract the work with the voters and committees, conciliation councils, and the hour of questions to the government.

For comparison, in January 2017, the salary of MPs was twice less – 17 425 UAH.

The deputies returned to work on February 6, but until much productivity did not differ.

We will remind, the administration of Parliament conduct procurement to provide food for the hotel “Kiev”, where live the people’s representatives. Money for purchases come from the budget, so it is not surprising that politicians buy only luxury products.

For example, MPs are purchasing wine that is produced by one of their colleagues Ivan Plachkov. 440 bottles of wine cost 90, 5 thousand UAH. Also in the product list for representatives of different expensive kinds of fish: 520 kg 196 thousand UAH (380 UAH/kg on average).

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