MPs is preparing a law that contradicts the Constitution


In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is going to pass a law that directly contradicts the Constitution

In the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada believe that the secret survey of MPs by journalists violates the law. If the MP does not want to be in the picture, the survey should be terminated, and the chances of a person withdrawn.

This, in particular, the letter said the Regulatory Committee to an appeal Committee for the freedom of speech to prevent restrictions to the work of journalists in Parliament, said on his Facebook page, the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on freedom of speech and information policy BP Olga Chervakova.

As noted in the letter, according to article 307 of the Civil code of Ukraine, an individual may be charged for photography, film , television or videotape only with his consent.

“It turns out that the regulation Committee sees no difference between an individual ordinary citizen and a public figure, which is the MP, and the boundaries of “privacy” which is much wider. Especially when it comes to MP in the workplace, that is, in the Verkhovna Rada”, — said Olga Chervakova.

According to her, the Committee Pynzenyk have agreed that the work of the media accredited in the Parliament should be open. But, however, interprets openness in their own way.

“Survey, which is conducted openly, should not be hidden (secret) to the person in respect of which carried out the survey. It is supposed to capture the person without his consent if it is carried out, in particular, openly in public places, while a person that shoot for photography, film, television or videotape will not Express my objection to this, in this case, shooting must be stopped, and the moments of a person taken”, — said in the letter.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on freedom of speech and information policy notes that this directly contradicts the Criminal Code and the Constitution.

“That is, the Committee on rules considers lawful and correct that the Criminal Code treated as a crime, and the Constitution and the law on information — as censorship! Article 171 of the Criminal code clearly States that illegal removal of the assembled journalists of the material is three years in prison. And the influence in any form a journalist with a purpose to prevent the discharge of professional duties or four years,” writes Cermakova.

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