MPs have decided to take a day off, it is vitally important laws “fly”


The Verkhovna Rada began the morning session of Parliament with a half-empty room, though the Parliament has registered 347 people’s deputies.

On Wednesday, when the Parliament has only a morning session and traditionally considers the ratification of the agreement, people’s deputies in the sessional hall from the forces gathered about 160.

So, some politicians have already announced their participation in the national prayer Breakfast with U.S. President Donald trump in Washington, which is traditionally performed at the beginning of February. This year – February 8. According to various estimates, flew or plan to fly on the current prayer Breakfast from 35 to 45 MPs.

Already considered the draft Law on ratification of Trade agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand rejected it. Now consider the bill “On privatization of state property”.

Today the important issue of the anti-corruption court on the agenda.

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