MPs are millionaires EN masse demand from the state compensation for housing


Last year many millionaires among the Ukrainian deputies do not hesitate to get compensation from the state for housing or a hotel room.

Such deputies at the end of 2017, counted from 92. This was reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

According to the declarations of most deputies-millionaires, who received compensation, there are in the group “Renaissance” — 33% (8 deputies out of 24). Among the wealthiest members of the group who were paid compensation, included Eugene Heller (172 million of assets), Yuriy Shapovalov (45 million), Artem Ilyyuk (25 million), Anton Kisse (22 million) and Vitaly barvinenko (16 million).

Second place in the percentage of millionaires has taken a non-faction MPs — 28% (15 deputies out of 54). In particular, compensation received from the state Eugene Moore (94 million), Anatoly Denisenko (81 million), Boryslav Rozenblat (43 million), Alexander Dubinin (20 million) and Sergey Melnichuk (8 million).

Compensation for housing paid approximately 20% of millionaires from BPP (29 deputies), the popular front (17 deputies), “Samopomich” (5 members), the “Will of the people” (4 MP) and the Radical party of Oleh Liashko (4 members).

Money for housing was about 15% of MPs from “batkivschyny” (3 members) and the Opposition bloc (7 members).

The total amount of compensation for deputies was 32 million UAH. Their right to receiving these funds have used 175 MPs.

“However, not all of them actually needed these privileges”, — noted in the kiu.

The organization stressed that the conditions for obtaining compensation policies need to be improved.

“We need to offer that compensation funds are not eligible persons who, according to their declarations, have enough finances for self-employment housing”, — summed up in CVU.

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