MP Hire now with security


The people’s Deputy Moustapha nayem who was beaten on 30 April during the conflict on the road, gave protection at his request.

This was at the may 7 briefing in Kyiv said the head of national police Sergey Knyazev.

“In criminal proceedings the citizen Mustafa-Masi Nayyem provided physical protection – the police – at that period, which we consider necessary,” – said Knyazev.

As reported by “Ukrainian truth” Nye, protection in the form of two police officers he was given the night of 7 may, at his request.

“I’m in the hospital. Here there are two police officers of the chamber,” he said.

He could not say for what period of protection is granted, but noted that he understood that “this protection will go on until, until there will be the threat to life and health.”

“Due to the fact that from 2 may to my email address addresses of my colleagues, and my family had received various threats associated with hooliganism, using physical force, related to the incident on 30 April, my lawyers appealed to the Netpolicy a statement about the crime, namely in relation to threats to life and health (article 129 “threat of murder” of the criminal code), ” said Nye.

He added that, given the public resonance of the case and the identity of those who threatened, he was asked about the provision of security.

“I associate these threats directly with hooliganism and infliction of bodily injury on April 30. I deliberately will not specify from whom these threats were reported to avoid excessive escalation around this conflict. However, all materials, mail and all known to me information handed over to investigators of the national police and will be taken into account in the investigation,” concluded Nye.

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