Millions on the destruction of nature: how to make an MP being under investigation


Scientists and Kharkiv residents are concerned about mass circumcision under “zero” trees in the city.

Millions in contracts for pruning is given to the Deputy of the city Council, under suspicion of embezzlement of budgetary funds, and experts say that the chances of trees to survive after such a minimum.

In mid-February, the trees under the “zero” cut on buchmy street, 44 and near the tram stop on 27th and 16th routes. Ugly pruning is not spared even parks and Central streets of the city, kindergartens and schools.

Workers who are popularly called “derivitization”, they’re conducting a “rejuvenation pruning” is all within the law and “for the benefit of Kharkov” to the emergency branch fell on head. According to the trimmers, after a year on the tree again should appear lush foliage.

In early February workers in orange vests came to enforce the “sentence” to trees on Klochkovskaya descent. Hastening to the spot, the activists demanded from public utilities to show the permits for pruning. And then started to happen strange things: first, workers have said the documents, but they forgot them in the office. Then even proposed to write a query in KP “Kharkovzelenstroy”. Without thinking, activists began to call the police. Only then the trimmers presented photocopies of documents. These were acts for the demolition of the trees, but without the wet print – simple photocopies.

After examining the documents, it became clear that the copiers of acts of inspection of green plantations, which are subject to demolition, dated 2, 3 and 4 January 2018. Some of the trees Commission, which met two months ago, acknowledged to be unsatisfactory and gave permission for demolition, the rest decided to conduct a “sanitary” or “renewal pruning”.

According to the documents on Klochkovskaya descent rejuvenation subjected 11 of the trees of forty-held sanitary pruning. Came under attack elms, maples and lindens. The age of the trees, under the act, from 20 to 45 years.

Together with the acts for the execution of works, the utility had to demonstrate the conclusion of the State ecological inspection in Kharkiv region for each tree. But such documents have not been found.

The patrol did not have protocols in place.

Procedures rejuvenating and sanitary pruning of trees carried out in Kharkov. In some yards, as residents said, after that the foliage is gone forever.

Experts have explained what is cutting and how it harms the trees in the form in which it is doing in Kharkov.

“Cutting is a useful procedure for trees. However, what do Kharkiv utility companies with the trees – it’s not quite cutting, and no benefit nor the trees, nor the people not responsible. After cutting off the branches, they leave the trees wounds, which become infected and weakened trees populated pests,” explains the doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, academician of the Academy of forestry Sciences of Ukraine, head of the laboratory of forest protection, Forest research Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, head of the laboratory of forest protection of the Ukrainian research Institute of forestry and agroforestry them. G. N. Vysotsky Valentina Meshkova

Viewing the scene, where was operating public utilities, specialist only shook his head.

“I don’t see the point nor from a scientific point of view, nor narrow-minded. The trees do not become safer because they still rot inside of the barrel can fall in a strong wind. Usually the mass of the crown is proportional to the trunk diameter, it grows throughout the life of the tree, shakes as the pump, water and nutrients from the soil. but if in 60 years the tree is pruned all the branches, then the tree is not enough “forces” to provide water and “food” new shoots grow back…”, says Valentina Meshkova.

As a result, most of the trees that were subjected to the barbaric cutting of, eventually will die.

In turn, the Director of the State design and survey Institute of agroforestry and forestry “Kharkovgirls” Mikhail Trofimenko says that the cutting of the Kharkiv useful for trees, arguing that they are affected by mistletoe.

But the head of the Council environmental group “Pechenegi” Sergei Shaparenko draws attention to the fact that “sanitary” or “rejuvenation” pruning in Kharkov is most often perfectly healthy trees, and the patients simply don’t pay attention.

According to Valentina Meshkova, not all species of trees tolerate cutting. Determining whether a particular tree in the sanitary pruning, should a special Commission, which should consist not only of public utilities and officials, and especially the experts-biologists, foresters or specialists in plant protection.

Tree pruning in Kharkiv spend a few utilities – KP “Kharkovmetrostroy”, KP “Kharkiv repair-construction enterprise”. Director of HRSP Simon Sirota said that the utility cut only the dead wood, all the paperwork in working order, and the decision of the Commission is generally not a problem.

It turns out that near the zoo and in the area of Zagotprom was exclusively dead trees or cut the dry branches. But in the photo it is obvious that the sentence was identical for all 50 trees they cut branches under “zero” as a blueprint.

The mass destruction of trees has forced citizens to write a petition to the mayor with a request to prohibit a “rejuvenation” pruning under post.

Kharkov is not unique in his hatred of trees: such methods of “rejuvenation” are used in Sumy, Uzhhorod and Odessa. Environmentalists Konotop won, although after the “lethal operations”. In the State ecological inspection in Sumy region declared pruning illegal and referred the case to the police.

“In December 2017 pruning of trees in the center of the city in Uspenskaya str-Trinity and on prospect Mira have been carried out without registration of the relevant certificate of inspection and approval from inspection, – the document says. – As a result of illegal actions damaged tree 41: 39 Linden and maple trees cropped at 100 %, 2 poplar cut completely.”

Experts estimated the damage from tree trimming to 102 thousands UAH. It turns out, the cost per tree is estimated at about 2500 UAH.

In 2018, pruning and removing hazardous trees in Kharkiv will deal with two firms. Tender million for the demolition of dry and emergency trees, located on adjoining territories of apartment houses ZHSK, ZHK and condominiums won the FOP Fenichev Viktor Aleksandrovich. A little more than 6 million UAH went to KP “Kharkiv repair-construction enterprise”, which is headed by the Deputy of the city Council from the party “Vidrodzhennya” Simon Orphan (who, incidentally, created a private company called just like utilities).

Interestingly, after winning the tender, the FOP Fenichel began to rent equipment… the utility company of their tractors and lifts from a private no – then it becomes a question of how he ever won? According to the agreement, the company will provide the use of FOP wheel tractor “Belarus”, ZIL, KAMAZ, as well as a cargo lift. From its own equipment from Fenichev was only saw STIHL.

It is noted that the Director of KP “HRSP” Simon is an Orphan is still under suspicion in criminal proceedings on embezzlement of budget funds. According to the prosecution, in 2016, the head of the CP has purchased specialized equipment for the sum more than 5 million. A contract with a private firm was contracted, the budget money is listed, but the technique on the company and not received. In addition, after an investigation revealed that the company later bought a few cars, however, they are the terms of the contract do not correspond, in particular, have high mileage and, therefore, was to use. The car lift that repairmen had to use for such work as trimming of trees or replacement of pipes, delivered at all was not. The head of KP “HRSP” is accused under two articles: “Assignment, property waste by abuse of official position” and “forgery”.

The seeds of the Orphan was not even suspended during the investigation.

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