Mikhail BEILIN: Global trends of the restaurant business will affect Ukraine in the next three years

There is a common market structure – how the market looks from the perspective of proposals to the consumer. All the experts and international trend reports are talking about it.
QSR (“Quasar”) is a service of fast food. It used to be called fast food. What we used to call Macdonaldson – a trend that falls. People want to eat healthier. First and foremost, the appearance and activity of a new segment – Fast casual.
ViPiAr (“Viper”) is such a segment. A cross between a classic restaurant and a fast food. The segment is gaining momentum, and they move on.
Starbucks (Starbucks) is the second company in the world by market capitalization (after McDonald’s). Starbucks has formed a new segment called Fast casual. Implies lack of service, pricing – up to $ 15 if there is no market, but there is a choice. And this market will grow. Cult “Denimar” (sasnak). It is, of course, will grow.
Appeared on the market new players: polhut (building organic matter), altboc, etc., is when the retail sector begins to offer products of new generation (70% take-away – blank). Semi-finished or finished products to take away. There are new freeze-dried category. Ukrainian format – Miserere.
Cheaper, middle and more expensive. Example: everything was more expensive than $ 30, called findanygame. In the classic sense there demanded a jacket, decent appearance, preferably next to a decent intelligent woman. It’s all pricey. They change the classic format.
Fine casual dining (“Fingerbanging”). This is a cross when the client can come in super-expensive sneakers for $ 500, to pay for the dinner of $ 100 and not feel superdorogo restaurant. The fastest growing and most stable for this segment. Oddly enough, but Ukraine is present here too.
And classic classic Orthodox expensive restaurants, where for 400 dollars. try the creativity of great chefs.
The main requirements of the customer: freshness, less heat, is low in calories.

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