Mazeppa: What is the “concept of the ideal of capitalism” and find whether it is reflected in Ukraine?


“I recently had the privilege to meet with world-renowned visionary and popularizer of science Dr. Michio Kaku. Then in the head with a million thoughts!!! For example, what is the “concept of the ideal of capitalism and find whether it is reflected in the Ukraine?” – your thoughts shared on his page in Facebook famous banker, who is currently an independent member of the Supervisory Board of “Ukrsotsbank” and CEO of Concorde Capital.

Perfect capitalism (perfect capitalism) is when information about any product and its the best price available to any user of the network. When using the ubiquitous digital technologies by the buyer for the second finds in the world the item from the manufacturer and better price of delivery. And when information about the costs and price of the product at each stage of production/delivery is available to the buyer. Like perfect communism.

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