Mazepa commented on the Sanctions against the Kremlin and its “moneybags”


Last year saw the American sanctions bill against the Kremlin and its “wallet”, and the sanctions from civilized countries only increased. From a symbolic “designation strikes” they are becoming more clear and focused.

Our country is also not graze the rear, and every year expands the list of sanction Russian individuals and companies. But as we go deeper into this process, the more there is of nuances. Inept manipulation of the situation and a superficial approach may play into the hands of our enemy.

By the way, a list of authorized LIy was expanded. It turned out to be especially dear to Putin’s people like Deripaska and Rothenberg. According to Bloomberg, in the last days, the Russian oligarchs have suffered damage at $ 16 billion.

In the meantime, the U.S. Treasury announced another expansion – the Russian stock market once again decline, said Igor Shchedrin.

After the Americans Deripaska has decided to include in the sanctions lists, and other countries, including Ukraine. This news is surprising. In our list already more than a thousand individuals and legal entities. But if you look, basically there was nobody famous “trifle”.

And here is the place for Deripaska, right up to the US sanctions, why do not found. Why?

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