Maxim Plahtiy of funded two music online video


Music media — Comma and LiRoom — get money for development from ticketing Agency about it reports “telecriticism” with reference to the founder of the company Maxim Plakhtii.

The parties signed a one-year contract. expects audience music sites will be over a million views in a month. Now, according to similarweb, the total audience of the two media is 80-110 thousand hits per month.

The amount that will be invested in resources that has not been disclosed. “Telekritika”, based on the evaluation of market participants, determined the annual amount of the cost of each of the two sites in 120 thousand UAH per year.

In Karabas assure that the direct financial return is not expected. The goal of the company selling tickets for concerts, to help develop music infrastructure that contributes to the increase in attendance at concerts and festivals.

We tend to do a lot for the development of concert-music market. And very important for us to support the development of Ukrainian specialized media as an integral part of the infrastructure of show business. Comma and LiRoom is a cool talented guys and we believe in their potential, ready to help, ready to support their projects.

According to Maxim Plakhtii, the company will not buy these media, but only financial support them and see the result. If you see that publications are parasitic and do not grow, we will cease cooperation.

Sergey Kane, head of publication Comma, and Alexei Bondarenko, the head of the blog LiRoom, are going to spend the money for fees. Comma is planning a relaunch of the site with a new design and functionality. the future is going to launch its own edition of cultural events.

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