Matios sure cadet another “ex”


Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios suggests the head of a Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Holodnitsky for future retirement.

He said this on 15 August the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I have not yet started to speak. The certainty of punishment will come. The Statute of limitations committed things – Oh for a long… a Grain of truth in what he says Artem Sytnik, … I’m probably the most knowledgable in the twists and turns the future destiny of Nazar Golodnitsky. Let them take care of and think, why he suddenly became “holier than the Holy”, – said the Prosecutor.

At the same time Matios noted that “the same can be said about the head of the NABOO”. He criticized the leaders of anti-corruption bodies for inter-Ministerial conflict.

“These institutional contradictions destroy the state: when first together, and then one holier than the Pope, the other worse, who in the hell” – said the military Prosecutor.

Matios has assured that does not threaten the heads of anti-corruption structures, and warns that “there will come the triumph of the law.” And even hinted that “remember” the police investigation into him:

“Offended – I like the subject of the investigation, which was conducted in combination with some people a large number of law enforcement agencies of the state in the last year is not forgotten and will not forget. Not yet have legal authority. But they will come… there Will be another “ex”. Ever. I think, not long to wait,” – said Matios.

At the request of “the Ukrainian truth” to respond to the words of Matios himself Holodnitsky Thursday said: “there is nothing to comment on.”

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