Lying in the middle of Happy dollars “live-bait”


Today, February 27, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were found dollars – two banknotes of 100.

This was reported by journalist Yulia Zabelina on your page in the social network.

“In Parliament, someone from deputies has lost $ 100, no takers whose and no one raises,” she signed photos.

In fact, the picture shows that unknown lost money directly at the session hall. A little later the girl said that the money lost MP from the Pro-government faction.

At the same time, users of social networks believe that the way someone decided to catch corrupt “on live bait”.

“Bait to catch”, “pick it Up. Will not be superfluous”, “today Bribes have become so sophisticated that right is not prikopat”, “Just in the Parliament did not notice. It’s like people on the street 25 cents”, “It’s someone from the radicals especially threw. Do not get fooled”, “Apparently, someone conducts a social experiment, Here they are – the honest people of Ukraine,” they write.

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