Lyashko will take out on the track: the deputies are preparing a surprise for journalists


Lawmakers want to revise the rules of accreditation of journalists in the Parliament

About this in Facebook said the first Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech and information policy Olga Chervakova.

“Yesterday, our Committee agreed on deprivation of accreditation of two people who were photographed, putting the middle finger in the Parliament. But the problem is actually broader. Once again entered the debate on the change of the position of accreditation. The press service must have the tools to independently resolve such issues,” she wrote.

According to Chervakova, head of the press service of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna sec announced that the photo — Mahmoudi Julia and Valeria Egorova, who got into the Parliament as a journalist party publications of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko — “Flash on Time News” and “Public Bulletin of Kiev.”

“We asked, does the press service of the copyright material referred to journalists confirming that they are indeed covered the activities of BP. It is an open question,” — said Cermakova.

She explained that it will change the position of accreditation. “Because Parliament does not have the ability to refuse to accredit a journalist and trade press card, including with a view to further get into Parliament, has turned into an ugly business,” she said.

Cermakova, who herself before entering Parliament he worked as a journalist, reports that in position it is necessary to provide additional fuse solutions on controversial issues by the press service of BP will make only by agreement with the public Council, which must be one long-serving parliamentary correspondent, which is better than any official I know who are in the Parliament engaged in journalistic activities and who specific business.

“To finalize the regulations on the accreditation of the press service promises to the end of this week. I think before the holidays, the document will be considered by the Committee and signed by the speaker. Vote 226 is not necessary,” she added.

In comments to the post Chervakova users joke that Lyashko personally take out to discredit “journalists” on a bypass road, to “work off” the money invested in them.

We will remind, in the Verkhovna Rada, the assistant people’s Deputy from the Radical party Sergey skuratovskiy – Valeria Egorova – noted obscene gesture, and it showed the middle finger to the photographer who shot the woman.

On 20 June the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of freedom of speech and information policy has deprived of accreditation in the Parliament, two journalists Yulia Mahmoudi Valery Yegorov for nonobservance of ethical standards.

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