Lyashko in karaoke has become a laughing stock


MP Oleg Lyashko showed their song in the home karaoke and became the laughing stock of the web

MP performed the song in the presence of the same party Igor Mosiychuk and Andrei Lozovoy.

Lyashko sang the “Aria of Mr. IKS”. During the execution was attended by 2 dogs. Netizens said that one of them could not stand the vocals Lyashko and managed to escape.

Video MP posted on his page in Facebook. “Conquering new peaks has sung an Aria of Mr. IKS. Do not judge strictly!”, — I wrote to Lyashko.

Note, the video has been viewed more than 71 000 members. In the network massively shared and commented footage of singing Lyashko. I should add that like it’s had a few.

“This “diagnosis”! It is necessary the Verkhovna Rada to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital of the closed type”, “Chernovetsky also spesen started”, “Why not on the state of skotinka?”, “God, what Imbeciles”, “Ukrainian talent show “Happy has the talent,” a”, “can be Seen, the bar went and specifically”, “Scarecrow you pea. You just scream: “busy!” In the toilets,” “He smoked” “the Dog did not withstand the howling”, “How much did you drink?”, — comment on the video network.

As reported, Ukrainians were struck by the sharp enrichment of the main “radical” countries to several million. This was reported by a lawyer and blogger Michael Schneider.

“Let’s congratulate Oleg Lyashko. A few days ago he was exactly 16 million UAH richer. Oleg Valeryevich received such a fantastic income from the sale of real estate to his companion, regionals and ally of Akhmetov, Alexander Ryzhenkov. So Lyashko from a millionaire to become a real oligarch –multi-millionaire,” said he.

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