Lutsenko told about the contact Ruban Zakharchenko promised proof


The Prosecutor General’s office has audio and video evidence that the head of the center housing Officer Vladimir Ruban had contact with the leader of the so-called DNR Alexander Zakharchenko.

The materials on this case will be made public after the completion of the investigation, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on air of the TV channel Zik, writes

“We have a video where the car, which is headed by Ruban crosses our KPVV, visits the territory of the DNI, then the gunners Zakharchenko sit behind the wheel and in three military units Gorlovka lay the weapon. Return. Behind the wheel sits Ruban. Further, they all saw him detention. Thus we have evidence, is posted in audio, that he was in contact with Zakharchenko and planned terrorist act”, – Lutsenko told.

According to the Prosecutor General, investigators have strong evidence in confirmation of the fact that preparing a terrorist attack.

“What I know from the investigation of the corpses could be hundreds. I am familiar with the investigation. I can tell you that all very seriously. All doubt that the version of the head of the SBU confirmed. We have very strong evidence that it was about the preparation of the actual attack, including mortars, machine guns and grenades,” – said Lutsenko.

He also responded to the ridicule of skeptics that the mines do not match with the caliber of the gun, which was in the van.

“You have to remember that was the first batch of weapons, which were imported into our territory under the control of the security Service of Ukraine and judicial leaders of the military Prosecutor. And here to the mortars it is suitable,” said the head of the GPU.

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