Lutsenko removes commercials about the GPU for its PR


Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko is using his office for self-promotion on radio and TV.

This is stated in the publication “Kyiv Post”.

It is noted that in February the Prosecutor General’s office launched television and radio advertising, which demonstrates the achievements of the Department.

“Commercials are broadcast under the guise of social advertising. For many it was a surprise that the service is of 15 thousand people, that is not investigating any serious crime or corruption cases, had any achievements,” – says the publication.

The publication added that Lutsenko, who works as a attorney General from may 2016, uses a controlled Agency as a PR platform for his political future.

Reporters noted that in early February, the TV channels ICTV and 1+1, as well as various radio station began a daily broadcast ads that end with the motto: “to Introduce a law to establish justice. Yuriy Lutsenko”.

“There are three versions of the ads that are a bit different. It seized the assets of the GPU, which “helped to return more than 44 billion hryvnia,” and the money was used for the construction of new roads, strengthening of the state border and improvement of health services in rural areas”, – reports the edition.



“Lutsenko is the first attorney General, who so boldly uses the office for his own PR,” said Kyiv Post expert of the Reanimation package of reforms Vladimir Petrakovsky.

He stated that previously filed with the state office of public Prosecutor inquiry about the cost of such advertising, but has not yet received a response.

It is reported that public procurement ProZorro no contest Prosecutor’s office related to the production.

Also in the publication add the GPU didn’t respond to a Kyiv Post request for comment on the situation.

“Lutsenko is the first attorney General in the history of Ukraine, who got this post without a legal education or any relevant experience. Instead, he had a devotion to Poroshenko, whose party he led,” – said in the publication

The authors add that after two years of leadership Lutsenko critics say he did not reform, but rather lobbied for the extension of the powers of prosecutors, limiting maneuvers for the National anti-corruption Bureau and the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office.

The publication said that according to experts, the attorney General is primarily aimed to highlight the role of Lutsenko as loyalist Poroshenko.

“Through advertising they are trying to change the point of view of Lutsenko, because he is likely to return to politics, he has no place in the Prosecutor’s office. It is also a message stating that the Prosecutor’s office works under the government of Poroshenko,” – said the Kyiv Post lawyer, expert of the anti-corruption group RPR Alexander Semenov.

As said the Deputy of Kyiv Post editor Olga Rudenko, as Lutsenko is marked as “social” and TV channels are obliged to show it for free.

“Only really it is not social sphere, but the real political advertising Yuriy Lutsenko. This video ends with the slogan “Nikonov the law. Vstanovleno spravedlivosti. General Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko”. Yet there is #respresentations”, – she wrote in Facebook.

“It’s funny, but the movie is about “Nikonov the law” actually breaks the law. According to the law, social advertising may not mention the advertiser. An exception is made for “gromadska Ob Dani blagodijnij organsare” that the GPU is not” – said Rudenko.

She also remembered the recent scandal with the singer Anastasia Prikhodko, who said that it was used in political advertising, President Petro Poroshenko without her knowledge.

“In both cases, Poroshenko and Lutsenko trite and confuse its with the state. Don’t discriminate. One uses the Prosecutor’s office for personal PR, the second for shooting personal video invites the Minister of culture(!), and then pulls it in regional administration for distribution”, – said Rudenko.

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