Lutsenko admitted that he receives a large salary


The public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko told where to spend their wages, which exceeds 100 thousand hryvnias

He told about it on air of the Ukrainian TV.

Lutsenko noted that per month gets about 130-150 thousand UAH.

“I get a really big salary — about 130-150 thousand. I fully work out,” he said.

However, he said, where to spend the earned.

“Each of my salary I divide in half. All I use on your holiday, family happiness etc., exactly the same I give to veterans, invalids of ATO. And you can see it”, – Lutsenko added.

We will remind, in January, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has accrued a whopping salary of 325 thousand. It is reported by the journalist Denis Bigus.

He notes that even with the numerous awards and accruals not clear where Lutsenko had such a high salary.

“Rate of 37 thousand. Allowance for years of service from 10 to 50 % rate. Take a maximum of 18.5 thousand UAH. Allowance for “work on the sensitive subject of” 10-20% of the bet. The maximum of 7.4 per thousand. For high achievements or important work: up to 100% of salary plus seniority. Total maximum for achievements – 55 thousand While easy, right? We have a total of 118.4 thousand UAH. But Lutsenko has received 325 thousand. Where’s the rest?” – asks the journalist.

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