Klitschko: in Gostiny Dvor can be a Museum in Kiev


The city authorities awaiting transfer to the property of the community of Kiev Gostiny Dvor, which the court returned to state ownership.

This was stated by the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko, the press service of the city administration.

“The struggle for this historic building lasted for 7 years. The court of appeal in early March took the right decision. And we continue to insist on the transfer of Gostiny Dvor in the municipal property”, – said the mayor.

Klitschko reminded that Sagaidachnogo street and Kontraktova square became a pedestrian area, and now the city authorities will continue the implementation of the plan for the reconstruction of the Kontraktova square and other key sites of the ancient Podol.

“We have opened our new Postal area, the same will do with Kontraktova square, Gostiny Dvor. We will return it to the communal property – as the Kyiv cycle track and stadium “Start” and bring Seating yard. Hopefully, another object – the so-called “helipad of Yanukovych” – with the assistance of the Prosecutor General’s office, will be transferred to the capital property of the community,” said Klitschko.

Regarding the future use of Gostiny Dvor, as noted by the mayor, one of the proposals is to create in him the premises of the Museum of the city of Kiev.

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