Klitschko has suddenly started to raise salaries in the KSCA


Capital mayor Vitaly Klitschko decided to make his subordinate space raise

As it became known, the Director of the Department of transport infrastructure KSCA Sergei Simonov will receive two bonuses, which together will account for 90% of his salary.

The related decree was signed by Klitschko.

“Simonov Sergey Anatolievich – the Director of Department of transport infrastructure to establish from 1 January to 31 December 2018 allowances: for the intensity of labor is equal to 50% of the basic salary, for performance of especially important work – 40%”, – the document says.

Earlier, most Klitschko have increased the salary by 2.5 times.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet said, when Ukrainians to wait for the minimum wage increase.

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