IT may become a locomotive of the Ukrainian economy – Plahtiy

Maxim Plahtiy KARABAS

Maxim Plahtiy

Maxim Plahtiy believes that the main achievement of “IT splinti”, created after the active phase of the Maidan is the development of a consolidated project from the IT shifts towards “Innovative Ukraine”. IT-shnik do everything quickly and systematically. Meetings and discussions involved partners and associates from related industries and policy.

The main task is to communicate to politicians their vision for the development of the industry. After all, we do know that IT can become the engine of the national economy.

“We already have certain achievements and positive results of meetings with experienced politicians who know how to see the good ideas and support our project. They practically have indicated their interest in using the intellectual potential of the Ukrainian IT-schnick, primarily in the creation of e-government. We’d like to see this project become a national idea. And if not war, then it would have been even faster”, – said Maxim Plahtiy

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