It became known that Savchenko to take a polygraph


Accused of preparing terrorist attacks and the overthrow of the government, the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko, her lawyers and the investigators agreed on the pre-date interrogation on a polygraph.

This “Ukrainian truth” said the defender Savchenko Oleg Solovey.

“We Hope Viktorovna and the investigator met that afternoon and discussed the matters about the examination on a polygraph. The preliminary plan is. Now he agreed with the expert. Provisional date is”, – said the lawyer.

He refused to name the date, but added that it would be “this week”.

“Now investigators of these issues will agree with the expert. Our questions will also give expert. Today we have done a great deal almost from 14 to 17 hours,” said Nightingale.

On the question of whether any investigative actions on Thursday, the Nightingale could not answer.

“Not ready to say. The result of today’s discussion the investigative action for tomorrow was not discussed”, – said the Nightingale.

He also added that during this meeting, Savchenko felt normal.

“Her condition is normal, quite energetically we work today. Question about the hospital is still not discussed”, – said the lawyer.

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